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Search The Web From Terminal

How To Search The Web From Terminal On Linux

A while ago, we wrote about Surfraw, a commandline interface to popular search engines and 100+ websites. Surfraw helps you to search for anything from Internet from Terminal. Today, I stumbled upon a similar utility...

Asciinema - Record Terminal sessions

Asciinema – Record Terminal Sessions And Share Them On The Web

I already know about recording the Terminal activities using “script” command in Unix-like systems. Today, I found out yet another similar utility named “asciinema” which is used to record Terminal sessions. Forget about the heavy screen-recording...

Install Tilda Drop Down Terminal

Tilda – A Highly Configurable GTK-based Drop Down Terminal For Unix-like Systems

Tilda is a free, open source, highly configurable an customizable GTK-based drop down Terminal emulator for Unix-like operating systems. Unlike other traditional Terminals like gnome-terminal (Gnome), Konsole (KDE), MATE Terminal (MATE), xterm and many others,...