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How To Install Nim Programming Language On Linux

How To Install Nim Programming Language On Linux

This guide explains how to install Nim programming language on Linux. For those wondering, Nim is an opensource, imperative, multi-paradigm and compiled programming language that can be used to write easy-to-read high performance code. It...

Getting Started With Haskell

Getting Started With Haskell Programming Language

Haskell is an advanced, purely functional, and general purpose programming language. This guide addresses how to install Haskell and how to getting started with Haskell programming language in Unix-like operating systems. Haskell can be installed...

instant coding answers

How To Get Instant Coding Answers Via Commandline In Linux

Are you a programmer? I’ve got a good news for you. You can now get instant coding answers via commandline using ‘howdoi’ utility in Unix-like operating systems. You don’t have to google or refer any other...