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Gotop - TUI graphical activity monitor

Gotop – Yet Another TUI Graphical Activity Monitor, Written In Go

Most of you already know about “top” command, don’t you? Yes, It provides dynamic real-time information about running processes in any Unix-like operating systems. A few developers have built graphical front-ends for top command, so...

Search The Web From Terminal

How To Search The Web From Terminal On Linux

A while ago, we wrote about Surfraw, a commandline interface to popular search engines and 100+ websites. Surfraw helps you to search for anything from Internet from Terminal. Today, I stumbled upon a similar utility...

Encrypt And Password Protect Your Files

CryptoGo – An Easy Way To Encrypt And Password Protect Your Files

There are plethora of tools available to encrypt and password protect your data. CryptoGo is one such tool. It is a simple file encrypter for your day-to-day needs. Using CryptoGo, you can easily encrypt and...