Simple SH – A BASH Script To Install Essential Applications In Ubuntu

Simple SH - Install Essential Applications In Ubuntu

Today, we are going to discuss about Simple SH, a simple BASH script to install essential applications in Ubuntu and its variants like Linux Mint. Using Simple SH, anyone can choose and install their favorite applications easily and quickly in Ubuntu-based systems. It offers almost all necessary software which are required for your day-to-day operations. Here is the complete list of commands and applications included in the Simple SH utility:

General system tools

  • – Install system load indicator.
  • – Install oh-my-zsh.
  • – Install Phonegap, mobile app builder.
  • – Install Prezto (for Zsh).
  • – Keep the list of sources updated.
  • – Upgrade all of the system’s packages.
  • – Install the vim editor.

Server side applications

  • – Install the Ajenti admin panel.
  • – Install the LAMP stack.
  • – Install the n98 magerun cli tools for Magento Developers.
  • – Install the LEMP stack.
  • – Install the WP CLI, a command line interface for WordPress.

Desktop applications

  • – Install the Atom editor.
  • – Install the Brackets editor.
  • – Install the Chrome web browser.
  • – Install Composer.
  • – Install the Digikam.
  • – Install Dropbox.
  • – Install Firefox Developer Edition.
  • – Install Gimp.
  • – Install Google Drive.
  • – Install Musique Player.
  •– Install PHPStorm version 10.x.x.
  • – Install PHPStorm version 9.x.x.
  • – Install PHPStorm version 8.x.x.
  • – Install the PyCharm Professional edition.
  • – Install the PyCharm Community edition.
  • – Install RubyMine.
  • – Install Spotify.
  • – Install the Sublime Text 3 editor.
  • – Install Terminator.

If you think your favorite application is missing, you can send a request to the developer via the official GitHub page given at the end of this guide.

Installing Simple SH On Ubuntu

Simple SH can be installed either using Wget or Curl. Just in case, either of these tools tools are missing, you can install them using APT package manager like below:

$ sudo apt-get install wget curl

Run the following commands one by one to Simple SH using Wget:

$ wget -qO- -O
$ unzip && rm

Finally, go to the location where you’ve extracted the archive and launch Simple SH like below:

$ cd simplesh-master/ 
$ bash

Using Curl:

$ curl -L -o
$ unzip && rm

To launch Simple SH, run:

$ cd simplesh-master/ 
$ bash

Install Essential Applications In Ubuntu Using Simple SH Script

Once you started Simple SH script using command “bash”, it will list all the available commands and applications.

Just enter the name of the application you want to install and hit ENTER key to start installing it.

For example, to install, simple type it’s name and press ENTER:

The script will automatically add the necessary software sources and PPAs and install the chosen application.

To update the source list, type and ENTER the following:

To upgrade all system’s packages, type and ENTER:

Please note that it is not completely non-interactive. You will have to enter the password or something wherever necessary.

For example, let us say you want to setup a LAMP server. To do so, type:

This will install complete LAMP stack(Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin) in your Ubuntu system.

In this case, you need to enter password for MySQL root user and phpmyadmin login password and choose the web server to configure phpMyAdnin etc.

Similarly, you can install other applications as well. Once you have installed all required applications, type “e” to exit Simple SH script.

As the name implies, Simple SH is so simple to install and use. If you’re a lazy admin who is looking for an easy way to install some essential applications on your Ubuntu-based systems, Simple SH script is good to go!

More good stuffs to come. Stay tuned!



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