How to Setup NFS Server in CentOS 6.5

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  1. You sir are a hero. I have been trying all night to get nfs to work on a cpanel centos6 server. This guide worked perfectly. Had to change the end around some to work with CSF but awesome. Thanks.

  2. clasense4 says:

    You are awesome sir,

  3. swami says:

    how to mount automatically whenever reboot is there any command to automount

  4. Krishna Chaitanya Kattula says:

    This guide is awesome.

  5. k says:

    indeed – absolutely awesome …when nfs doesn’t work/timeout …always check firewall…

  6. War says:

    This looks like nice documentation. Can you tell me… do you know how to store the client configurations into 389 Directory Server so that the clients use automount: ldap from the /etc/nsswitch.conf to refernce /etc/auto.home and /etc/auto.master configuration lines out of LDAP?

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