How to Setup LDAP server in CentOS 7

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  1. TechBit says:

    thanks for the tutorial it was really helpful.Have you written any tutorial for setting up LDAP client and communicating between LDAP server and client?

  2. maah says:

    please write article for ldap client configuration and how can i communicate with ldap server….. i have created ldap server by following your above article…
    thanks in advance….
    really you are doing good work…
    thanks again you and your team…

  3. mikael says:


    Thank you for your tutorial.
    I have a issue, when in the end of the, i’ve got the following error :
    Creating the configuration directory server…
    Error : failed to open an LDAP connection to host ‘’ port ‘389’ as user ‘cn=Directory Manager’. Error unknown.
    Failed to create the configuration directory server

    Any idea ?

    I don’t see the problem but i may have forgot one thing

  4. kezis says:

    Thank you. After trying 3 different tutorials, this was the only one that go it working.

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