How to Setup LDAP server in CentOS 7

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  1. TechBit says:

    thanks for the tutorial it was really helpful.Have you written any tutorial for setting up LDAP client and communicating between LDAP server and client?

  2. maah says:

    please write article for ldap client configuration and how can i communicate with ldap server….. i have created ldap server by following your above article…
    thanks in advance….
    really you are doing good work…
    thanks again you and your team…

  3. mikael says:


    Thank you for your tutorial.
    I have a issue, when in the end of the, i’ve got the following error :
    Creating the configuration directory server…
    Error : failed to open an LDAP connection to host ‘’ port ‘389’ as user ‘cn=Directory Manager’. Error unknown.
    Failed to create the configuration directory server

    Any idea ?

    I don’t see the problem but i may have forgot one thing

  4. kezis says:

    Thank you. After trying 3 different tutorials, this was the only one that go it working.

  5. Rben says:

    Dude, this was great! I’ve tried several others and they are work until you get to starting the ldap daemon it fails and noone has an answer for it.
    Also could you do a tutorial on how to connect a client to the ldap server?

    Thanks, Thanks, thanks.

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