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  1. MarkDubya says:

    This is the best tldr client I’ve come across. I just uploaded it to the Arch User Repository:

  2. gazoo says:

    I had forgotten that there were so many tldr clients (written in different languages) until I started digging a little deeper just now:

    I wonder if a distro will ever make these user-friendly and effective pages the default help system (or at least put them on equal footing/co-exist with the legacy MAN pages). I hardly ever refer to MAN pages for help. In contrast, TLDR has been an effective tool. I have a bash version (raylee) installed but I quite like the additional feature set in TLDR++

  3. E.Arizon says:

    My kudos to the authors! Tools like this one really makes life much easier to linux newcomers.

    I’m just working on a different project that (I think) can complement this TLDR. I called it “The Single Page Book Project”. One way to see is that of putting an “insanely” complete cheat-sheet of doc in a single html page, and add a minium-search-engine to help newcomers find some doc as well as create a fast mental-map of related topics.

    For example the Linux-admin-map single-page-book is available at:
    (I will add a cell to the TLDR tool ASAP)

    An (work-in-progress) page of the Go language is also available:

    as well as a (work-in-progress) page of Kubernetes:

    The main page explain more in detail what it all is about. It also contains a list of existing single-page-books I have wrote.

    WARN!, WARN!, WARN! The UI is designed to allow single-page, mind-map and quick-search over any “cool” or “sexy” style.
    (When a production server goes down no body cares about pretty docs, just about quick fixes)

  4. NodSwal says:

    I find tldr’s limited, which for a user just starting is great. Another “Tool” I like is fish shell as it auto completes man page options. When hitting tab a time or two after a dash “-” it will give you the argument and a description.

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