How To Reset Ubuntu To Factory Defaults

reset ubuntu using Resetter

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  1. muzikjock says:

    this would be good. but why not make it to prompt your own user name and password; same as when you install it? i don’t see the purpose of setting “default” and having the app decide the password for you. if i needed to reset to defaults, i would just wipe the drive and install with oem installer iso. essentially it would do the same as this app and give you the option of creating your own user name and password, plus setting the time zone….the only use for this app is if i was selling the computer. no one wants a computer user name “default” …just sayin.
    you set forth a good tutorial on how to use your app. but not very clear on WHY i would need it.

  2. Sagar says:

    I tried the same in my system. But now I’m only getting the guest user account and no default account. I tried using ‘ctrl+alt+f1’ , but nothing working. Please help me out as its very necessary.

  3. Citizen-X says:

    Just run this command through the terminal sudo dconf reset -f /

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