The Recommended Way To Clean The Package Cache In Arch Linux

Clean The Package Cache In Arch Linux

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  1. John Piers Cilliers says:

    Nice and simple! Cool tutorial for the beginner ARCH Linux user and also a nice reminder for those of us that have been using ARCH for a while.

  2. I'm root says:


  3. FDFRS says:

    Working for me, thanks!

  4. Martin says:

    “Please be careful while using this command. There is no way to retrieve the cached packages once they are deleted.”

    I guess ALA is a myth then.

  5. CHOPPERGIRL says:

    Why are the package files kept at all. I want them *all* deleted after I install some software. They are just wasting space on my SSD drive and I have no idea why the fuck they would be kept after the installation process is through. What is the command to do that, erase all packages?

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