Pigz – Compress And Decompress Files In Parallel In Linux

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  1. Jalal says:

    Very nice article..
    Thanks a lot

  2. wazz says:

    I’ve been using pigz for many years, as the article states pigz uses multiple cpu cores when compressing.
    When de-compressing with pigz (just like with gzip) it only uses one cpu core.
    You can also use the ‘use-compress-program’ parameter within tar to run pigz instead of piping it out:
    tar –use-compress-program=pigz -cf yourfile.tar.gz folder1 folder2
    tar –use-compress-program=”pigz –best” -cf yourfile.tar.gz folder1 folder2
    tar –use-compress-program=”pigz -9 -p 4″ -cf yourfile.tar.gz folder1 folder2

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