Now You Can Watch NBA Games In Terminal

Watch NBA Games In Terminal

NBA requires no introduction. The National Basketball Association, shortly NBA, is a men’s professional basketball league in North America. It is composed of 30 teams. It is widely considered to be the premier men’s professional basketball league in the world. If you’re a die-hard fan of NBA, I’ve got good news for you! Now, you can watch NBA games in Terminal. Looking for a current score of your favorite team? Want to know the details of a specific player? Wondering when a game starts? You can view them all right from your Terminal without having to visit the website or TV. Meet “nba-go”, a simple CLI utility to watch NBA live play-by-play, game preview, box score and player information on your Terminal. The NBA CLI gets all data comes from APIs and displays them in your console.

Watch NBA Games In Terminal


Make sure you have Node.js and Npm installed on your system. If you don’t have Node.js and/or npm installed on your machine, refer the following link to install them.

Once Node.js and Npm installed, run the following command from your Terminal to install nba-go utility.

sudo npm install -g nba-go

That’s it. Now, get ready to watch NBA games!


nba-go provides two main commands.

  1. game or g – Provides the details of a game
  2. player or p – Provides the details of a player.

Displaying games details

To check the game schedule on a specific day, for example November 6, 2017, use “-d” or “–date”:

nba-go game -d 2017/11/06

Sample output would be:

You can choose which game do you want to watch from the list using UP/DOWN arrows. As you can see in the above screenshot, there is a small arrow points the first game.

Choose the the game you’d like to watch and hit ENTER key to check the the detailed comparison data between two teams in the game.

To check today’s schedule, use “-t” or “–today”:

nba-go game -t

To check yesterday’s schedule using “-y” or “–yesterday” flags.

nba-go game -y

Similarly, you can check tomorrow’s schedule using “-T” (note: Capital T) or “–tomorrow” flags.

nba-go game -T

It is also possible to check two teams detailed scoreboard and box score. Here is the scoreboard of Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics teams.

We can even view the real-time updated play-by-play, scoreboard and box score. As of writing this guide, there were no live games, so I couldn’t attach any screenshots.

Displaying Players details

Not just a team’s details, we can also check a specific player’s details. To display a player’s basic information, use “-i” or “–info” flags. Let me show you the basic details of a player named Dennis Schroder.

nba-go player Dennis Schroder -i


As you see in the above screenshot, the basic details details such as height, weight, DOB, experience are displayed of the given player. Good thing is we can also get the details of a player who has the same first name.

You can check regular season details of a player too. To do so, use “-r” or “–regular”.

nba-go player Dennis Schroder -r

We can also view the playoffs data of a given player using “-p” or “–playoffs” flags.

nba-go player Dennis Schroder -p

Also, you can combine all options in a single command to get all data.

nba-go player Dennis Schroder -i -r -p

What are you waiting for? Just fire up the Terminal and watch your favorite NBA team’s game. Have fun!

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