How to monitor DHCP server usage

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  1. Bill says:

    For campus-wide DHCP server monitoring, I use dhcpd-pools ( But for simple monitoring, this tool you’ve presented is cool! Thanks.

  2. Thomas Yobe says:

    Hi, last time I queried on the DNS issue, my post was deleted. So today I just want to report that copied this article to his blog without crediting you guys.

    • SK says:

      Thanks. I left a comment on the blog. I didn’t receive any query from you. Everyday, I receive a lot of comments. I couldn’t reply to them all. Sorry.

      • Thomas Yobe says:

        No Worries, I managed. I had a SERVERFAIL on my Secondary DNS server. However I have a query. I will email you.

        • SK says:

          Glad you fixed the problem on your own. BTW, I did a quick glance at the blog you mentioned earlier. He not only copy/paste from my blog but also from so many other blogs. 99% of the guides posted there are complete cop/paste from many blogs and websites.

  3. Alessandro says:

    Thank you so much for this script! It’s really useful for us.
    I had to correct the path of dhcpd lease file like you did and another thing i suggest to check for you.
    In the script i downloaded the screen output of the script as exchanged the active and non active users and i had to change the text to match the correct ones.

    Keep up the good work!

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