Linux Package Managers Compared – AppImage vs Snap vs Flatpak

3 Linux Package Managers Compared

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  1. dhinds says:

    Differences in loading time and frequency of crashing would be of interest.

  2. Eddie says:

    Not sandbox, litterbox. Litterbox = a micro-environment in your home that makes you feel hygienic (in error) because it allows defecation to happen in a supposedly closed environment. The entire concept is utterly wrong. It gives the message that shit is OK as long as it’s contained. So there will be no rigour. Linux will become windows. Why so? Windows became shit because every user gave themselves admin access.

    And – because these things can’t handle file storage on a server / NAS. every user is going to give themselves dev mode. We are going backwards!

  3. Strypey says:

    I’d really like to see a version of this GNU/Linux packaging comparison article that also include Guix.

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