Install MATE Desktop in FreeBSD 10.2

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  1. L D Williams says:

    how to install multi desktops Gnome3, KDE, LXDE, MATE, and xfce with one (1)dislpay
    manager to start desktop GUI on Freebsd 10.2 using the command prompt.
    [email protected]:~$ startx kde
    [email protected]:~$ startx gnome3
    [email protected]:~$ startx lxde
    [email protected]:~$ startx mate
    [email protected]:~$ startx xfce

    reply to L. D. Williams at e-mail [email protected] and or [email protected]

    • SK says:

      I never tried multi-desktop in FreeBSD. Sorry, I couldn’t help you right now. I will post the details if I find anyway to install multi-desktop in BSD. Stay tuned.

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