Install Kali Linux Tools Using Katoolin In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Katoolin - Install Kali Linux Tools

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  1. Bruce Ferrell says:

    While instructions for other than apt-get based distros are presented, implying this script will work for them, the script has ONLY apt commands coded.

    Not a very good article

    • SK says:

      You’re completely right. It’s my mistake. I have updated the guide now. Thanks for pointing it out. Much appreciated!.

  2. James Cage says:

    It will be available for macOS?

  3. Rooter says:

    Works great i like it, tho may i ask i hope it doesn’t crash the OS after installations of the tools ?

  4. Kevin Spitzer says:

    Stops me from installing all , because it says it can’t find w3af source. And even when I install w3af I still get the message.

    Please update the source for w3af.

    Thank you

  5. James Cracklin says:

    everytime I run the git clone and cp line it says that the directory already exists and is not an empty directory but when I try to run the chmod line it says no such file or directory. When I try to run the program itself it says katoolin: command not found. I am running Ubuntu 18.04 and I have come to realize their is alot of things that does not work in Ubuntu 18.04.

    • sk says:

      I tested it today on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server and it works just fine as described. Please update your Ubuntu system, make sure you have installed Python 2.7 and try to install Katoolin. I hope it will work.

    • Kent says:

      you didn’t run the git clone with sudo privilages, you will have to rm -r the directory and rerun into with the sudo before git clone

  6. ME says:

    Hey there, great article! I’m running into an issue where anytime I select the option to Add kali linux repositories, I receive the following error:

    gpg: keyserver receive failed: no data

    • Mike says:

      The following solution worked for me :

      I went with the option of checking my dns settings and added my local dns server ‘nameserver’ and google’s ‘nameserver’. Then restart your system.

  7. Heinz says:

    Hi, I can’t install all kali linux tools. When i am trying to install all tolls there appears 4 Errors.
    E: Unable to locate package vega
    E: Package ‘w3af’ has no installation canditate
    E: Unable to locate package http-tunnel
    E: Unable to locate package magictree

  8. Tizzybankz says:

    I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and try to install all the kali tools I get these error

    E: unable to locate package acccheck
    E: unable to locate package Vega
    E: unable to locate package http-tunnel
    E: unable to locate package magictree

    Yet I updated my sources.list any solution for this will be appreciated.

  9. OKarin says:

    Hi, i`m using ubuntu 18.04, I did all this successfully, and installed the aplications, how can I start the kali linux with all app I installed with the vmware?

  10. Jamie says:

    I have followed your instructions for installing Katoolin . I am using Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS. I execute the command sudo katoolin and then ask it to add the repositories and then update. It doesn’t appear to update the repository with Kali sources. I added the kali repositories manually to the sources.list. This was the result when I updated –Err:5 kali-rolling InRelease
    The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY ED444FF07D8D0BF6
    Has Kali’s repositories changed or are they not available anymore?

  11. DI says:

    Hi – retested using link provided to put in command on Ubuntu 18.04 —

    wget -q -O – | apt-key add

    Then I add (option 1) and then update (2) — I can then install without error E: Unable to locate package vega


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