How To Install Arch Linux Latest Version

Install Arch Linux
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  • Sebastian D. Anderson

    Hi, when installing Arch I created three partitions: 10gb ext4 linux; 1gb swap; 108gb ext4 linux (I didn’t see an option for “PRIMARY” or “EXTENDED”)

    I don’t think I created a “logical” partition.

    I just used the remaining harddrive space when creating the last partition, sda3.

    Do you think this will cause problems or frustration in the future?

    Thanks for the help. (:

    • SK

      It won’t cause any problem. The “Primary” and “Extended” options will be found on the bottom.

      • Sebastian D. Anderson

        I’m using an older distro to install from (late 2016), there’s nothing at the bottom and some of the menus are different. I’ve tried using the newest arch distro but I’m having trouble even getting it to run from a usb.

        • SK

          I tried the latest ISO. I have no issues in Virtualbox at all. I am not sure about physical machine.

      • Sebastian D. Anderson

        Interesting- I tried installing with Rufus instead of Universal USB installer and all of the options are there. Thanks. 😀

  • Sebastian D. Anderson

    Thanks for the tutorial, I’m a total noob when it comes to linux but I got Arch installed and it’s working great. Super informative.

    One confusion: the part that said “edit /etc/hosts file and set the hostname as well. Be mindful that you need to set the same hostname in the both files.” I wasn’t sure what “both files” was referring to (the /etc/hostname file as well as the /etc/hosts file?). Still, fantastic tutorial.