How to Setup A Basic File server Using simpleHTTPserver

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  1. Richard G. says:

    This is great and all, but can you recommend ways to setup a file server over any port that doens’t have a GUI?

    I had a situation where I had two RHEL/CentOS servers without a GUI. (Command-line only.) I needed to transfer a large file between them. SSH and NFS was blocked between then, but port 80 was open. One of the servers was already listening on port 80, but the other wasn’t.

    Normally I would submit a request to our network guy and he’d open the ports I needed. Unforrtunatly he was away on vacation for an entire week. Anyways – I wasn’t sure how to get files between them without SSH or NFS. I’m very dumb when it comes to things like Web stuff. I know it’s possible to have web apps that server files, but have no idea how to find them or how to install/configure them and how to use them (without a GUI) once they’re installed.

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