How to install Arch Linux

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  • Too complicated , totaly unnecessery … Serbian is the best , maybe and Crunchbang/Bunsen …

  • archuser

    mount /dev/sda1 , where is /mnt ? similarly you missed /mnt/home , easier way to install is to use architech linux , gui installer.

    • sk

      Thanks. Corrected now.

  • Thanks!

  • Jin

    Thank you!!!!

  • Crow

    Hands down the best Arch beginners guide I’ve came across. Very excellent job.

  • Rafael Nogueira


  • mark

    Very well written and so easy to follow; this guide made the installation of of Arch Linux in VirtualBox on my laptop a snap! Thank you so much.

    • SK

      You’re very welcome. It means a lot to me.