How To Clean Up Junk Files In Ubuntu Using Ubuntu Cleaner

Ubuntu Cleaner

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  • ChiefH

    I still have Ubuntu Tweak on my 16.04LTS computer and other than the applications tab, all parts of it still work. Iuse the Janitor before each kernel update to make room for the update. I leave the last kernal for use if the newest kernel update does not work correctly or has problems.

    How is Ubuntu Cleaner improved from the Janitor?

    • SK

      Nothing improved as far as I tested it. The developer of ubuntu cleaner just picked up the Janitor module and released it under new name.

  • Dick Pilz

    The program would launch and stop responding on my 6-month-old Lenovo IdeaPad w/8GB running 16.04 LTS, repeatedly. No error or warning messages from it.

    Glad you posted the removal commands.

    • SK

      I tested it on my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS machine. It worked well. I use DELL Inspiron model laptop.

  • mrtoo

    I still use Ubuntu Tweak as well on the UM 16.04. Seems to work well. Bleachbit always seems to get me in trouble.