gcp – An Advanced File Copier Utility For Linux

gcp - An Advanced File Copier Utility For Linux

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  1. Chris McGimpsey-Jones says:

    Excellent tool. Thanks for making it known. Until I read this I had no idea about it. It’s similar to zsync in its verbose level, but aimed for local file copies.

  2. Kris S. says:

    Looks nice! 🙂 But what I really, really would like for an advanced cp tool, is the possibility to copy to multiple destinations (parallel), too… Starting the copies with a syntax like gcp -r SourceDir/ -d DestDir1/ DestDir2/
    (For instance using -d to indicate that the listing of destinations begins)
    The advantage should be that the process should only need to read once (per block) and then perform multiple copies of the read data. In the classical sequential solution you would need to read the source files once again for each copy…

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