Flareget Download Manager – An alternative Internet download manager(IDM) application for Linux

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  1. Flareget is a nice app and especially while it is still in beta. However, part of this article is inaccurate. You said that “it is absolutely free” this is not true, most of it is free and integration with Firefox is free via Flashgot but all other browsers use their non-open sourced plugin which costs $10.

    Flareget is still good though but I think uGet is just a little better.

    • SK says:

      Oops!! Sorry.. Thanks for your information.. I will update the information that you mentioned here. Thanks for your suggestion. I didn’t try UGet yet. I am gonna to try the uGet app and get you back. Good day..

    • SK says:

      Hi i tried the uGet application. It is quite impressive and works great for me. Also i have posted a article about uGet here. Kindly let me know if any corrections and suggesitions.

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