A Collection Of Useful BASH Scripts For Heavy Commandline Users

A Collection Of Useful BASH Scripts

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  1. Nope says:

    Hi, thank you for the useful scripts, I’m currently using the ytview one. Just a little suggestion from me, it would be better if you could show the channel name & duration of the video too when searching for one, so the search result would look like this: [ChannelName] – [VideoTitle] – [VideoDuration]

  2. seth says:

    These are awesome scripts! Thanks! I have no problem running them anywhere on my Ubuntu machine, (I wanna say I didn’t even have to edit my $PATH, just started typing the commands and they worked), but when I downloaded them onto my mac via my bash terminal, for example I can only get the commands to run if I go into that script’s directory in this case geo and use the ./geo command.

  3. KC says:

    Hi, great scripts, thanks.
    Question though – how do you search for stocks or their symbols?
    It’s easy for one word like Tesla or Intel, but how to search for example: Berkshire Hathaway?

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