A Collection Of Useful BASH Scripts For Heavy Commandline Users

A Collection Of Useful BASH Scripts

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  1. Nope says:

    Hi, thank you for the useful scripts, I’m currently using the ytview one. Just a little suggestion from me, it would be better if you could show the channel name & duration of the video too when searching for one, so the search result would look like this: [ChannelName] – [VideoTitle] – [VideoDuration]

  2. seth says:

    These are awesome scripts! Thanks! I have no problem running them anywhere on my Ubuntu machine, (I wanna say I didn’t even have to edit my $PATH, just started typing the commands and they worked), but when I downloaded them onto my mac via my bash terminal, for example I can only get the commands to run if I go into that script’s directory in this case geo and use the ./geo command.

  3. KC says:

    Hi, great scripts, thanks.
    Question though – how do you search for stocks or their symbols?
    It’s easy for one word like Tesla or Intel, but how to search for example: Berkshire Hathaway?

  4. Roland Latour says:

    Everybody needs a timer, uses yad which replaces zenity:

  5. That’s is a very good collection of little programmes!
    However, I think the approach for getting bank currency rates is awkward: you must answer 3 questions and gets a bloated result.
    I suggest a more UNIXy approach to get bank currency rates with the same excellent API these guys are using…

    So I implemented a more ( what I expect to be) straightforward syntax with this Bash script. You can download it from the link below and test it. Run with “-h” to get a help page and get started. But syntax would be “erates.sh 1 USD JPY” to get the equivalent of one-US-Dollar in Japanese Yen.



  6. Jamil SN says:

    I was looking in the source code and there is a nice function there..
    It is easier if I just paste the comment from it (line 106):

    ## This function queries google to determine the stock ticker for a certain company
    ## this allows the usage of stocks to be extended where now you can enter stocks appple
    ## and it will determine the stock symbol for apple is AAPL and move on from there

    So what you ask for should be working by default (even though this specific bash script does not work in my computer at all!)

  7. Jamil SN says:

    @sk, thanks for the positive feedback.
    I went ahead and created my first github repo with that Bash Currency Converter utility I made and some others …

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