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Upgrade Everything Using Topgrade In Linux

How To Upgrade Everything Using Topgrade CLI Utility In Linux

As we all know already, keeping our Linux system up-to-date involves invoking more than one package manager. Say for instance, in Ubuntu you can’t upgrade everything using “sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade” command....

find Linux system details using inxi

How To Find Linux System Details Using inxi

Inxi is a free, open source, and full featured command line system information tool. It shows system hardware, CPU, drivers, Xorg, Desktop, Kernel, GCC version(s), Processes, RAM usage, and a wide variety of other useful...

tmux command examples

Tmux Command Examples To Manage Multiple Terminal Sessions

We’ve already learned to use GNU Screen to manage multiple Terminal sessions. Today, we will see yet another well-known command-line utility named “Tmux” to manage Terminal sessions. Similar to GNU Screen, Tmux is also a...