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peter ganten interview

Interview With Peter Ganten, CEO of Univention GmbH

I have been asking the Univention team to share the behind-the-scenes story of Univention for a couple of months. Finally, today we got the interview of Mr. Peter H. Ganten, CEO of Univention GmbH. Despite his...

How to run Windows 95 in Linux desktop

How To Run Windows 95 In Linux

Microsoft Windows 95 is the first operating system that I ever worked with. When I was studying Computer science in college, we had around 20+ computers in our computer lab and all were running with...

kerala needs your help

Kerala Needs Your Help – Here’s How You Can Help

Dear fellow Indians and friends across the globe, the Kerala, a south Indian state, is going through massive floods and it’s desperately looking for our help. More than 60 people are dead and over 60,000...