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Opensource VPN services

7 Best VPN Services For 2019

At least 67 percent of global businesses in the past three years have faced data breaching. The breaching has been reported to expose hundreds of millions of customers. Studies show that an estimated 93 percent...

peter ganten interview

Interview With Peter Ganten, CEO of Univention GmbH

I have been asking the Univention team to share the behind-the-scenes story of Univention for a couple of months. Finally, today we got the interview of Mr. Peter H. Ganten, CEO of Univention GmbH. Despite his...

Behold! You Can Now Run Windows 95 In Linux

Microsoft Windows 95 is the first operating system that I ever worked with. Back in 2003, It was the first time ever I touched the computers when I was studying 2nd year Diploma in computer...