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Display CPU Usage From Commandline

How To Display CPU Usage From Commandline

This tutorial describes how to display CPU usage from commandline using mpstat utility. Most of us use top command to show the CPU usage and the running processes. Just like top command, mpstat also displays the...

install windows powershell

How to Install Windows PowerShell Core 6.0 in Linux

PowerShell is a distributed, scalable, heterogeneous configuration, and automation framework, consisting of an interactive command-line shell and scripting language, for Windows operating system. It is built on .NET framework, and It allows the users to automate...

SoCLI - Search And Browse Stack Overflow from Terminal

Search And Browse Stack Overflow Website From Commandline

Stack Overflow is one of the well-known and prominent online community website for Programmers to learn and share their knowledge with millions of users around the world. Also, It is my preferred website when it...