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Download YouTube Videos with subtitles

Download YouTube Videos With Subtitles Using Youtube-dl

For those who don’t know, youtube-dl is a free, open source, command line downloader written using Python programming language. Using Youtube-dl program, we can easily download YouTube videos. Not only YouTube videos, we can also download...

find a package version in Linux

How To Find A Package Version In Linux

Have you ever wondered how to find the version of an installed package in Linux? Nowadays, Package management has become more easier with the help of many graphical package managers. However, some of you always...

prevent a package from being automatically installed, upgraded or removed in Ubuntu

How To Prevent A Package From Being Automatically Installed, Upgraded Or Removed In Ubuntu

In this brief tutorial, we will see how to prevent a package from being automatically installed, upgraded or removed. Some of you might wonder why would anyone want to do that. There could be many reasons. You...