ArchStrike – Turn Your Arch Linux Into An Ethical Hacking Distribution


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  1. Allan Martin says:

    Thanks for your invaluable tips SK,

    Actually this is very much like installing BlackArch on Arch Linux. Just wonder you right after initializing the pacman keyring, starting dirmngr, then importing and signing the key, do you install the entire tools by giving the command:
    pacman -S archstrike
    Or there is another procedure?
    Is there a way to have the installed tools in sort of GUI like, sort of lists and sublists, where you can do browsing to pick a certain tool to try out.
    Look buddy, for a pretty newbie like myself to either linux or ethical hacking, it is damn hard to know which tool belong to what category?

    Which ya a blessed day!

    • SK says:


      I didn’t install all tools. To install any tool, just use pacman command. If are newbie, I suggest you to install any Desktop Environments (like MATE, Gnome etc) of your choice in Arch Linux and try ArchStrike tools. The list of available tools will be categorized in alphabetical order. So you can easily find out which tool you want to try from Menu. Moreover, it’s much better to download BlachArch or Kali Linux full edition and install it. Don’t bother with Arch Linux and ArchStrike. Arch Linux is for intermediate and advanced users. BlachArch and Kali Linux has graphical DEs. So you could immediately start to learn ethical hacking right away.

  2. Maul says:

    it is possible to install it to manjaro?

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