OSTechNix (Open Source, Technology, Nix*) commenced operations in 2012, to become a place where we could build on the extensive knowledge of our technical writers, to make our website the ideal place where we can publish the Latest News, How-to articles, Tutorials and Tips & Tricks about Free and Open-Source software and technology.

Our audience is primarily targeted to free and open-source technology users, Linux/Unix enthusiasts, IT professionals and amateurs. We always aim to deliver our readers the most accurate information and guides available, in a simple easy-to-read and follow format. We try to keep all the articles that we publish professional, yet not too complex so that anyone who sits down to read it can potentially follow it without too much confusion or complexity.

We offer quality information that we always try to present in the most accurate model possible. However, we also encourage our technical writers to add a little bit of ‘personality’ to their work and also provide an honest opinion where they feel appropriate, without having an overall affect of the accuracy of the technical details provided.

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